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The 1962 United Nations "World United Against Malaria" Stamp Campaign
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Tunisia - Scott 404-406

Regular Issues
Scott 404
Scott 405
Scott 406

Full Sheets
Scott 404 - Full Sheet
Scott 405 - Full Sheet
Scott 406 - Full Sheet

Scott 405 (Mis-Perfed)

Scott 405
Imperf margin pair
Scott 405
Imperf margin pair
Scott 406
Imperf margin pair

Trial Colors
Scott 404
Trial Color in Dark Green
Scott 405
Trial Color in Maroon/DarkGreen
Scott 406
Trial Color in Green/Brown
Scott 406
Trial Color in Pink/Green

Trial Colors (Strips of 5)
Scott 404 - Trial Color Strip of 5
Scott 405 - Trial Color Strip of 5
Scott 406 - Trial Color Strip of 5

Trial Colors (Blocks of 15)
Scott 404 Trial Color (Block of 15)
Scott 405 (Trial Color (Block of 15)
Scott 406 (Trial Color (Block of 15)

Deluxe Sheets
Scott 404 Deluxe Sheet
Scott 405 Deluxe Sheet
Scott 406 Deluxe Sheet

Sepia Die Proofs
Scott 404 Sepia Die Proof
Scott 405 Sepia Die Proof
Scott 406 Sepia Die Proof

First Day Covers
Scott 404-406 (FDC w/ Operation Mission To Tunisia Corner Card)
Scott 404-406 (FDC w/ Green Mosquito and Needle)
Scott 404-406 (FDC (Deposee) w/ Mosquito/Africa)
Scott 404-406 (FDC (Deposee) w/ Mosquito/Symbol)
Scott 404-406 (FDC w/ Plane Spraying over Swamp)
Scott 404-406 (FDC w/ Yellow/Gray Globe/Sign)

On Cover
Scott 404-405 (On Cover (To: California) (Date: 10-1-1962))
Scott 406 (On Cover (Washington D.C.))

Black Line

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