Malaria Symbol With English
The 1962 United Nations "World United Against Malaria" Stamp Campaign
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Malaria Symbol With French

Canada - 'Malaria Slogans - First Day Covers
Cover w/ Malaria Slogan Cancellation
(Montreal/English)(April 19, 1962, 1:00 P.M.)
(w/ Novak Cachet)

Canal Zone - First Day Covers
Scott C33 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

Cyprus - First Day Covers
Scott 204-205 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

Liberia - First Day Covers
Scott 402,C139,C140 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

Sierra Leone - First Day Covers
Scott 225-226 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)
(First Day Cancellation City: FreeTown G.P.O.)

Sudan - First Day Covers
Scott 142-143 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

United Nations - First Day Covers
Scott 102-103 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

United States - First Day Covers
Scott 1194 (Cancelled 4/1/62 w/ Novak Cachet)
Scott 1194 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

United States - First Day Covers - Combination FDCs
Scott 1194 and United Nations Scott 102-103 (FDC w/ Novak Cachet)

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